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Analyzed Media, one of the leading mobile app development company provide cutting- edge mobile app development services around the globe. We have a dexterous team of app developers who develop a customized mobile application that caters to the business need across various industries. We use our technical skill and efficiently to develop a user-centric mobile app for all size of the business at affordable price.

What is the mobile application?

A mobile application is a software that is specifically designed and developed to run on small wireless computing devices like smartphone and tablet.


Why a businessman should develop mobile application for their business

In this 21st century, the use of the mobile device is at peak; from the small need to any complicated task people are using it as per the need. Online entrepreneurs and other businessman are leaving no stone unturned to market their products and services, they are not only emphasizing on creating the website for their business but also leveraging the power of mobile devices to reach a large number of audience and to promote  their products, brands, and services. Now mobile app emerged as a powerful marketing tool, even forward- thinking entrepreneurs are leveraging the power of it. Following are the advantages of a mobile application for the business.

The app works as an effective marketing tool- Mobile application is the powerful marketing tool, that can double your profit. With this tool, it becomes very easy to reach a maximum number of targeted customers to promote your business, brands, and services. Since it can easily integrate with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare this means with a single tap customer can share your app with his network.

It becomes very easy to acquire a maximum number of customers- In this digital world, there is numerous way to reach the target audience like email marketing, SMS marketing, and cold calling, but the mobile app is the most effective way to reach a maximum number of customers. Where people don’t take interest on SMS, cold calling and email the same they are interested in downloading company app. An app elaborates your business and its goal better than any other medium.

The app ensures the highest ROI- Generally, people delete company SMS, not interested in business cold call and don’t reply marketing emails. But this does not happen in the case of the app, people download a business app with curiosity and know each aspect of the business. If they like it, then there is maximum chance that they will your customer, this means app ensures the highest ROI.


We use the following technology to develop the mobile application

Swift to develop powerful and comprehensive iOS app development.

Key features of Swift:

  • Swift is open source.
  • It becomes very easy to maintain the code
  • Excellent for iOS development
  • Don’t need to write too many lines of code

C++ to develop iOS, Android, and Window app


Key features of C++:

  • Simple and efficient
  • Portable
  • Powerful and modular
  • Compiler based
  • Has a huge function library
  • Object oriented

PHP to develop iOS, Android app


Key features of PHP:

  • Open-source and has no specific platform
  • Object oriented and uses procedural
  • Easy-to-learn
  • Server compatibility
  • Light database integration


We build cutting- edge mobile application for different platforms.

iOS app development- By leveraging the power of C, Objective-C, and Swift, our app developers build a cutting- edge apps for I phone that meets your business needs. We leave no stone unturned to deliver successful apps with pixel perfect design, robust functionalities, and excellent user experience.

Android app development- We have proficient team of Android app developers, who are well versed with C++, PHP, and Java. Our designed apps are scalable, flexible and adaptable on every Android screen. We have delivered many apps that not only supports the latest version but also adaptable with the older operating system.

Cross platform development- Our efficient team of developers are well versed with Titanium, PhoneGap, Xamarin and Ionic platforms. Our developed app looks visually appealing with distinct abilities on multiple platforms in lesser time and cost.


Why choose analyzed media?

  • Agile and the best mobile app development and project methodology
  • Assistance with the App Store, Google Play, BlackBerry World & Windows Store.
  • Award winning mobile application development solutions
  • Competitive rates for mobile application design and development talent
  • Cross-platform and HTML5-based mobile app solutions
  • Friendly, open, and collaborative way of working with clients
  • In-house, front-end specialists: Business Analysts, UX/UI Experts & Designers

Excellent track record of successful mobile application project delivery