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It seems that new startups are cropping up every day. But with this comes great competition and frequently you will find yourself asking whether you can hack it. Can you do more? Yes you can when you are leveraging all your opportunities available. Chances are that you already have a website that looks nice and tells people everything they need to find you and do business with you. But wouldn’t it be better if your customers could not have to spend their trying to find you and begin their interaction directly with your website?

New Avenues of Business

The opportunities you unlock by taking your business online are innumerable and there is exists an ecosystem of services that can increase your productivity twofold. The internet is a great place where users try to get more informed on their interest areas and as they grow they become dependent on the services they learn to grow with. With the right kind of website you have the ability to define different kinds of meaningful interactions with users. When you are able to push your offering in an unobtrusive and helpful manner exactly when they require a solution to their problems, you get faithful customers.

Time to Transform

When you conduct business through your online portal, you create a business endpoint that is globally available and flexibly accessible. You have the opportunity to get and provide business information in almost real time speeds and bring transparency to your business. Almost always there is a way to make your organization more efficient as you get access to all the operational data that you need making you completely aware of what goes on in your organization and providing you access to vitals that make your future growth plans a whole lot more clearer. As for your customers, they want to see that website address and email on all your promotional materials, so they can understand how to utilize what you have in store for them before they visit you. Or not visit you and carry out all of their tasks online.

What can you do?

Take your storefront online: More and more retailers are choosing to forego brick and mortar shops for an online store or keep one in conjunction with their physical stores as more and more customers opt to make their purchases over the internet. This saves them the the hassle of finding your physical store and allows you to provide a more satisfactory experience by giving them the ability to reach your store any time.

Optimize your supply chain: Relay requirements to different suppliers and gather prerequisites in a more organized and efficient manner as your procurement tasks are preemptive and automated. Production is seamless when your core processes carry on uninterrupted. Allocate your resources before you need them and intelligently manage them.

Better business intelligence and communication: Reach out to current and future customers and gather more information on how to improve your offering. You can choose a number of different outreach options available to you to get both direct and indirect data on your target audience and get their input. Evolve and maintain your business model dynamically.

How Do You Begin?

You begin by choosing the right website development partner and let them understand your requirements. Analyzed Media can take your website and turn it into the online business machine that you deserve. We have experienced software architecturers and developer who have experience in varied industrial parallels. Bring us your requirements and our top business analysts will break them down into the effective web application components which our skilled programmers will gel together to be your engine of profit. We have already garnered experience working with a number of different businesses and connected them with the technologies they need from simple email services to full blown enterprise applications such as sales and marketing automation, ecommerce, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Frontend Development: A user interacts with the pages of your website to carry out any activity with your application and these web pages are a mix of HTML, CSS and Javascript. Javascript can breath life into static HTML pages with dynamic formatting, advanced controls, animations, showing real-time data from APIs. Often javascript is used to accelerate web pages by adding newly updated data without having to download the entire web page all over again. Our frontend developers at Analyzed Media are as skilled with vanilla Javascript as we are proficient with advanced JS frameworks such as Angular and Jquery. Our developers and designers are also proficient with Bootstrap, the dynamic front-end framework developed by Twitter. When you want a frontend that packs a visual punch, we are here to deliver.

Business Logic: If you want your users to conduct meaningful activities you are going to have to connect them to systems that carries out the functions of your organization with your software backend. It is the brains of your web application that relays information to your business appendages. Analyzed Media can provide you development in Microsoft C#.net and PHP for all your requirements. Microsoft’s .net framework has a wide range of features that makes development of enterprise apps very easy. You can easily progress from a website and port it into a cloud based solution or create a backbone for that mobile app you are planning. Need something simpler? We also provide development in PHP and the myriad frameworks and packages that have arisen since its inception. We will provide you a website backed by a community of developers that have spent years and great expertise into building the perfect foundation that your app will stand on.

Database: Your application needs to store transactional data with meaningful organization so that you may reference them in future activities. These are stored within a database system by your application environment. Think of it as your records filing system. We provide our clients database management with Microsoft SQL server for their .net solutions or MySQL and MariaDB if they are looking for an open-source solutions. Here is a list of frame you can expect us to build your web application with.

  • WordPress
  • Magento
  • Open Cart
  • CodeIgniter Framework
  • CakePHP
  • ExpressionEngine etc…

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