Search Engine Optimization

Marketing is an important activity for any organization in the world. The ‘build-it-and-they-will-come’ strategy is not what it is made out to be. If remembered correctly, Noah did not have a ark building competitor that could build a better ark with greater capacity in a shorter time and aware of the impending need for it. You probably do. Message about his offering was delivered to his required audience by a medium with infinite reach. It helped him deliver a solution to a target which absolutely needed it and had absolute trust in the medium. That’s right, Noah’s venture succeeded with the help of the world’s best marketer. Now if you can enlist it’s help you can wait for the flood. Otherwise you have to make do with some extra efforts on your part or some other form of help.

Your marketing approach

When you think of marketing efforts for your organization, does your mind instantly go to:

  • Salesperson cold calling people with your offering?
  • Inundating email (or snail mail) inboxes with your promotional materials?
  • Sending out as many SMSes and IMs to random people?
  • Flooding social media feeds with every bit of promotional you have day and night?

If these or some others like it are some of your thoughts, it is time to stop, take a breath and reevaluate what you are doing. What you are doing with these efforts is throwing things at a wall and not even checking what sticks. Sure enough this way of marketing did work at a time and still have their effectiveness. You could simply show an ad on TV, or put out an ad in a newspaper or on the radio, distribute flyers or , as we said before, send emails to different people. The idea behind this is to broadcast yourself everywhere for everyone to see. But the sad truth is not everyone wants to see what you want to show them.

Times have changed

People are consuming content over services that promise them no ads. They stream their music and video ad free, have spam filters on their email, and have adblock to block ads on websites. And why did they do that? Think about these ads on TV and radio. You don’t mind them as much when you are done watching one programming and waiting for the next programming to begin. It is a nice break of pace and kind of a palate cleanser when you are waiting something new to begin. But watching a 3 minute ad break after 15 mins of programming drives you mad. To put it simply, these methods of promotions are disruptive. They take the people out of what they were enjoying and interrupts their experience. That is why the people have opted for sources of consumption where they can control what content they want to see.

The Inbound Approach

To succeed in driving business, we cannot just depend on these traditional methods. It is better to actually turn this approach on it’s head and do the exact opposite. Instead of going out and finding people and forcing them to listen to what you have to say, you let people who are interested in what you are offering find you and use that interest to push your offering to them. Instead of becoming a way point in their journey become the destination.

When these people are satisfied with what you are offering their word of mouth will give you results better that even the best TV ad campaign because it is more personal. Couple these with the modern benefits of digital marketing over the internet, you will find that you can accurately measure impact, project future engagement and analyse data to intelligently adjust your efforts in the right direction.

If you want to target people who are looking for you, you make things easier for the tools that they use to find you. Analyzed Media’s Search Engine Optimization(SEO) services helps establish authoritativeness, relevance and trustworthiness with Search Engine Ranking algorithms. We leave a trail that your target audience can follow voluntarily and engage in meaningful action with your business. We…

  • Optimize your website such that search engines can easily gather relevant information from it about your organization so that they can build relevant results for their users.
  • Build helpful and relevant links to your content on your website on other popular websites to funnel interested visitors to yours.
  • Create content that generates interest in your offering and help harness the buzz in relevant interest categories to keep your sites current and fresh for search engine algorithms.
  • Improve social signals utilized by search engines used to evaluate your website.
  • Find your direct competition and help you target their user groups on search and reach already qualified leads.
  • Improve your trustworthiness and relevance rankings on search for relevant keywords of interest and build a healthy influx of visitors

How Do We Do It?

The process begins with a thorough evaluation of your organization. We then understand what your organization does and who benefits most out of your offering. We then evaluate the keywords most relevant and profitable to you. During this phase we find out organizations that are most like yours and emulate what they do so that you can reap the same benefits as them. We then optimize your website to drive visitors those keyword search results to your website by posting links and content that attract visitors to your website. We always emulate unique promotion strategy that is conducive to getting better qualified traffic will get you the most results. We also help you create appropriate lead capture mechanisms on your website that will help you convert users into leads who can be later converted by your sales team. We are constantly looking through every step of the process and fine tuning it to get the most out of your website. Instead of baiting unsuspecting visitors we work towards creating a lasting impression that will translate to the reduced bounce rate on your website analytics report.

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