Responsive Website

Today we live in a cross platform world where the internet has allowed us access to content over a vast array of systems and devices. That is why today more than ever you need to make your website user experience seamless. A responsive website design is exactly what you need to achieve that seamless experience without going through the laborious process of creating different sites for the same content.

Varied User Behavior Across Devices

A user may access your website to gather more information on their desktop, but later on visit you via their smartphones to verify or show it to their coworkers, family or even their customers on their smart TVs and smart-boards. All this time the user is always moving forward in your conversion funnel and to make sure they complete the process you need to make sure they feel they are seeing the same relevant information irrespective of their device without compromising on the visual appeal of your landing pages. Consider the last time you completed a purchase on Amazon or eBay. It is probable that after viewing a product, you instantly share it with your friends on your device and after extensive deliberation on shipping and final costs, you finally make that order.

Maintaining Legibility

When you setup your website design you painstakingly decide things like what typeface to use, whether it conveys a serious message or does it serve itself as eye-candy, what proportion will your image appear in, and how your visual elements come together and form the crucial presentation of your message. You are carefully deciding what you want to emphasize on most and put what your user base requires most first. But switching from your original device a smaller or larger device will show you that those carefully crafted elements go all over the place when the screen sizes change resulting in ugly overlapping or distracting disbursement or messed up ordering in general that quickly turns the centerpiece of your business into an everlasting eyesore. Your website is probably going be the first point of contact that your customer is going to get their information from. Even the slightest flaw can send your visitors searching for another website with the same information.

Business is Costly

Without a responsive you would have to go through the same laborious process of designing your website from scratch every time a user wants to view your website on a new device or risk turning a future business opportunity away. This incurs you all 3 business costs of money, time and labor which are better utilized on your core processes of your organization.This increase the time your business needs to go to market and cost you the edge you need in marketing and sales or better customer retention. What you need is a solution where you can do the work only once and the rest is managed automatically for you. This solution is available in the way of responsive website design.

Responsive Design Works for You

The designer creates a design that can easily adapt to a range of different devices with advanced web design methodologies and technologies. While the process does require spending more time on a design to make sure your website is displaying properly on all screen sizes, it takes a lot lesser time than making new designs and it can be optimized on the fly without altering the original page content too much. With a smart mix of adaptive styling and javascript plugins your design can navigate not only different screen size constraints but different network constraints as well making your website truly seamless.

Why Analyzed Media?

Analyzed Media is skilled at developing unique responsive designs for every industry parallel and we can develop designs for your every need. We have a team of the most creative designers waiting to create your new iconic business identity that beautifully presents you ideas, your goals and your offerings with an artistic streak that will impress visitors and leave your competition envious. We are your ideal website design partner for your business and we can cover every need and budget. Browse our extensive catalog of designs or contact us for bespoke design requests. We offer our services for each and every website platform. With our designs your website will provide the right visual impact that will have users engaging in meaningful business interactions.

With Analyzed Media You Get:

Iconic design: We can provide you with the most unique designs and modify them to best reflect your organization’s persona. Every design is designed to the best design-styles and coded to the best industry standards.

Yours: Every design we provide is offered without any recurring fees or royalty and yours to use as you please. You are provided with all the necessary creatives and source files that you may need for customizing your design. All images used in your designs will also be provided free of royalty.

Optimized for speed: All our designs have been developed to render smoothly without any problems. Our quality assessment teams run each and every design through the most stringent performance test providing you with websites that load as fast as they are beautiful.

Mobile friendly: Not only are our designs responsive they are also optimized to work well with mobile devices taking care to load better on devices with limited bandwidth access. You can request us to add Google AMP to your designs to help them utilize Google’s mobile page accelerator for mobile devices.

Search Engine Friendly: Our designs are high performance with the cleanest possible HTML and micro-data friendly. They are ready to be populated with your data to be consumed efficiently by search engine bots so your websites do not take too long to be indexed.

Social Media Friendly: We also provide working share buttons for the most popular social media networks, our team of social media optimizers can outfit the designs with relevant micro-data for Facebook Open Graph, Twitter Cards, Pinterest Rich Pins.

Looking for a First-Class Responsive Website?