eCommerce Development

For every commercial and retail business the day-to-day is usually the same. Collecting orders, fulfilling them, performing financial transactions and log them, handle order delivery, returns and refunds. Depending on your organization only the scale of these processes increase or decrease but no matter your scale these processes need a lot of scrutiny and need allocation of a lot of resources because the smallest discrepancy can result in a poor experience for your clients and customers which nowadays results in bad word of mouth that can result in real damage in this age where people communicate faster than they think. Thankfully with the evolution in software and specialized hardware you can automate these high volume tasks, analyse operations really fast and derive growth plans really fast. This has resulted in the evolution of regular commerce to eCommerce.

Why do you need eCommerce?

Usually your business is restricted to your geographic location, your availability restricted to your working hours and your serviceability restricted by the number personnels you can allocate. An eCommerce solution will lift all these restriction and allow you to do even more:

Increase Reach Geographically: Even though you may be serving locally, your business stands to gain when you are accessible nationwide or internationally. People not in your service area can still be interested in using your service area and become more loyal customers when you deliver because you are perceived as a more convenient option in your area.

Become More Available: With a 24/7 operational endpoint like a website or app, your clients can interact with your business as per their needs and not the operational hours of your business. You can simply collect orders and requests when you are off the clock and start delivering you are back.

Lesser Operational Costs: It costs a lot lesser to setup an online service infrastructure as opposed to physical stores. Being more self-managed you spend less on on-site personnel and can allocate more resources for the background processes such as manufacturing and logistics. When you store your operational information you spend less time auditing data. Saving lost money on late taxes is also an added benefit.

Pay Less Money for Effective Marketing: With online promotions you only advertise to those actively looking for businesses and are more likely to be customers over traditional methods of promotion. It is cheaper to send emails to interested people than newsletters by post. As a matter of fact, by including a link for purchase or inquiry can lead to even shorter conversion time than traditional media. Asking customers for reviews and testimonials also increases your chances for sales.

Whether you choose to make your your ecommerce portal your only storefront or open on one in conjunction with your brick-and-mortar store, you can reap all these benefits.

Where Do You Begin With eCommerce?

The one step you need to take to get your ecommerce store started is choosing the right ecommerce development partner. We at Analyzed Media can help you Get started with your own eCommerce Store Right away. Our top software architecturers will analyse your Requirements and suggest a solution that best works for your business model. We can set you up with bespoke E-Commerce development in PHP and Microsoft .net Framework as well as popular E-Commerce solutions depending on your needs.

Magento: One of the most popular solutions for eCommerce Magento is among the top 30 most popular eCommerce solutions and among them has a 29.8% market share. It is one of the most concise self hosted solutions to setup your store with. With the latest Magento 2.0 the eCommerce system has ingrained in itself newer mechanisms to increase user engagement, improved navigation, boost conversion rates and overall revenues. Written in PHP, Magento utilises MySQL/MariaDB as database provider. It employs a Model View Controller architecture with Model-View-ViewModel layer in its frontend code with KnockOut js.


● Enterprise-grade scalable
● Supports guest checkouts natively
● Better page caching for fast access
● Structured data management for better search engine indexing.

WooCommerce: WooCommerce is the ecommerce expansion to the popular blogging CMS, WordPress. It is a pluggable framework that turns your WordPress website into an online store. Don’t be fooled because despite working on a blogging system, WooCommerce can function perfectly like an online store. You get every little feature that you would want such as theming, plugins, and widgets, you also have access to the vast suite of existing plugins that WordPress has. If you already have blog that needs a small store of its own to sell your custom merchandise or have digital products of your own that you want sell, this is the goto option for you.Anything that you want your shop to do, there is most likely already a plugin for it out there.


● Sits on top of your existing WordPress blog.
● Very customizable.
● Access to both WordPress and WooCommerce Plugins
● Supported by existing community of WordPress developers.

Other Notable Platforms We also provide setup and development in other platforms such as OpenCart, ZenCart, PrestaShop and nopCommerce. These are some noteworthy candidates for starting your online store and have been around for quite some time. We also provide ecommerce functionality on custom developed website that are independent of these platforms developed in PHP and C#. If you have a unique idea for your ecommerce portal we can develop a custom solution based on your ideas. Just give us your specifications and we will give you a product to the best of modern coding standards.


Our Ecommerce Service Offerings

For all your ecommerce development needs, we provide:

  • Setup: Help you select a proper ecommerce solution for your needs and configure it for your production environment.
  • Theming: Customise the look and feel of your ecommerce solution with your choice of styling and brand identity.
  • Development: Modification of packages, creating and modifying plugins and widgets to accommodate your unique requirements.
  • Payments Integration: Integrate popular payments processors such as Paypal, Stripe,Klarna, Dwolla etc. on your shop. We also integrate APIs of banks directly, so if you have a bank that is not supported, you can still process your payments directly.

Looking for a First-Class eCommerce Development?