About Us

About Us

Analyzed Media is a consulting firm that spans the entire breadth of enterprise IT infrastructure. We provide foundation for growth to any organisation that avails our services. This can mean automating key business processes, improving communication within the organisation, streamlining workflow, increase reach,gather analytical data about operations and encourage completions of incomplete engagement. Anything that you need for your organisation to work distractions free towards its goals, Analyzed Media can do for you.

Software Infrastructure

Just as a strong foundation and framework decides the life and resilience of a building, choosing the right set of applications decide how efficient and sustainable your business will be. How much money, time, and effort you are going to save will be affected by your choice of business solutions. A custom solution will cover your business operations extensively but the development time for those solutions are quite large and can affect your go to market strategy negatively. Getting a prepackaged solution saves you a considerable amount of time but might not have the extensive coverage of your business requirements that the custom solution does.

Analyzed Media is here to help you navigate this intricate maze of software packages. We study the business model in depth, break it down into functional work areas, and employee the right mix of software packages that your business needs. Our Custom-Off-The-Shelf solutions require lesser development time, cover your business needs extensively, and help you manage your resources more efficiently whenever you are in a pinch. We also help you gather analytical data about your operations so you can adapt with changing requirements. We also evolve your solutions to map the changes you need in your organisation to adapt to those changing requirements. Visit for more Application Development.

When you start out your business might seem very linear starting out from your production line to your end users. But as you progress you will find that there are multiple engagement scenarios that you need to complete before you can deliver a complete package. When you start you might find that everyone you wish to serve isn’t connecting with you. Whenever you are between completion cycles you will find that you were unable to anticipate the increase in your demand, fail to allocate resources and lose business opportunities and waste leftover resources from previous completion cycles. You might be unable to gather resources for jobs dynamically as you do not have a fast communication line to your suppliers. You have different channels of service that are competing with each other till one fails.

These are some scenarios that occur when you aren’t managing your business endpoints properly. Our software solutions can help you set up systems that bring structure and clarity to your organisation. Instead of competing, your different sales channels can route business in a healthy manner that assures your end users have the most satisfactory experience. You can monitor and measure every aspect of those channels so that you can anticipate demand and growth and allocate resources in a smart fashion to minimise wastage and communicate requirements to competing suppliers who can give you the best materials for your requirements for the best possible price.

What we are offering is to build you is web application software backbone for your business that connects any number of business endpoints such as websites, mobile apps, brick and mortar shops such that all the repeatable processes are automated and logged with little to no additional human effort. We are offering to make your business available beyond your working hours, helping it understand customers better and connecting them with your business in the most transparent way possible. We will make your business it’s most efficient yet.

Get People Interested

Your business might not always get the kind of meaningful interaction it is always hoping to get. You might have direct or indirect competition or maybe people do not even know about your offering right away. In a physical store people can look at your sign and they will come right in if they need your offering. But sometimes people do not even know that they need your service till they actually do and when they do they are going go with whatever option helps them the most. That is what good marketing helps you do. But a great marketing lets your potential customers know that they have an option for what they need, brings them to you and allows you to engage them even before they make decision so that they can make an informed decision about the best way way to access your service or product. The more your users are informed about you, the greater their chances of being returning loyal customers.

Analyzed Media utilises the inbound approach to get you interested customers and engage them. Instead of reaching out to customers and plying them with invasive messaging, we place your message just within their reach to be found exactly when they need you. We do this by utilizing the most modern for of outreach such as search engines, social media and email. We find customers who are looking in your general interest categories and provide them access to information on your product or services. You can then engage them with incentives and promotions into their first business interaction. We can help you engage your current customers for repeat business and acquire feedback to improve your offering.

Who do we work for?

We provide our services to support every business in every industry parallel as we have been for the last 6 years. If you are looking for a partner that will help you with your software development and outreach requirements we at Analyzed Media are waiting to listen to you requirement and our designers, developers, marketing and advertising specialists and project managers band together to provide you the most value for money services. Just drop us a message or drop in at our offices and we will support your every foray into the online business revolution.